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Monday, May 14, 2018

Mexico and the USA sign Cooperation Agreement on Nuclear Energy

Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today [May 7], the governments of Mexico and the United States signed a Cooperation Agreement on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy. The agreement responds to our country’s interest in safely strengthening our nuclear sector.

Upon being ratified by the legislative branches of both countries, the agreement will provide Mexico with access to advanced technologies that will allow us to continue boosting our productive sectors and social development by promoting, for example, the generation of clean, reliable and safe energy, as well as the application of nuclear and radiological techniques in health and agriculture.

Particularly, the agreement provides legal certainty and strengthens bilateral cooperation in the international use and development of nuclear energy with peaceful ends while preserving the environment. Additionally, it facilitates and broadens the exchange of information, technology, equipment, materials, services and best practices in public policy and regulation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Referring to the agreement during his first work meeting with United States Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray emphasized its importance by highlighting that the agreement affirms the trust and prestige of Mexico in the area, and recognized the work conducted by teams comprised of officials from the Ministries of Energy and Foreign Affairs of Mexico, the Departments of State and Energy in the United States, and their respective technical institutions.

Through the agreement, both governments reaffirm their interest and commitment to strengthen the bilateral relationship.


Press release, Mexican Embassy in the USA, May 7, 2018; Mexican Ministries of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and Energy (SENER); translation SRE

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