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Sportfishing Regulations

Mexico's Sportfishing Regulations Translated into English

A complete and comprehensive translation of Mexico's updated and current sportfishing regulation has been rendered into English from Spanish by Barnard Thompson.  "Mexico Sportfishing Regulations 2018 - English translation plus Spanish," also includes the official Spanish text, as well as pertinent translated excerpts from Mexico's latest reforms to the "General Fisheries and Sustainable Aquaculture Law" and "Regulation of the Fisheries Law."

Mexico Sportfishing Regulations 2018 is now available through Amazon.

The "Official Mexican Regulation NOM-017-PESC-1994 Regulating Recreational Sportfishing …" was revised as of January 2014, and it will remain in force until some eventual revision.

Barnard Thompson, who publishes, spent more than 50 years in Mexico and Latin America providing multinational clients with in-depth information as well as actionable intelligence; country and political risk reporting and analysis; plus, professional, lobbying and problem resolution services.

February 2018

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