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Monday, November 27, 2017

Mexican President: "Let's Join Forces for Security - Citizens plus Police"

Office of the Mexican Presidency

A total of 108 highly dangerous criminals of the 122 targets the government identified at the start of this administration have been neutralized.

As he closed the Sixth National Forum: “Let’s Join Forces. For Security, Citizens + Police,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) said that solving the various security problems: 

“Requires us all to act in the same direction, with joint responsibility, demanding and doing, demanding and giving, because that is the only way we will be able to achieve the Mexico at peace we all want.”

Since the start of this administration one of the central axes have been: “To work for a Mexico at Peace, putting this issue on the government’s central agenda.” 

  • In the area of justice, the new Accusatory Criminal Justice System was launched.
  • Achieving its effective implementation has posed an enormous challenge. 

Our commitment must be, “To act responsibly and with enormous joint responsibility, because this should not only be the task of a single entity, a single level or branch of government, but of all those involved in ensuring that this model works properly.” EPN

The government has established a strategy that has allowed it to strengthen Mexican State institutions, particularly in matters of police prevention and law enforcement. 

Security must remain a high priority issue for the government, which is the main actor responsible for this, and for society itself.

“2016 and 2017 were years where crime and insecurity unfortunately gained new ground. 

“We have not achieved the security conditions to which we aspired, and to the contrary, matters have deteriorated.

“Civil society to be willing to praise good performance and the achievement of objectives. 

“It is important to acknowledge what is good, provide what is needed and contribute ideas that will enable us to have the best framework for dealing with organized crime.

It is true that the figures are not encouraging, but neither are the joint efforts made by government and society, which is an area where there is a great deal of room for improvement,” the President said. 


Presidency of the Republic, Nov. 14, 2017, Mexico, DF; translation by Presidency of the Republic

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