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Monday, October 2, 2017

Mexican President Addresses a Nation struck by Disasters

President Enrique Peña Nieto

  "Government and society are supporting those affected, thanks to the solidity of our institutions and the solidarity of our people," President Enrique Peña Nieto


"This month, nature tested Mexico's strength.

"On September 1, tropical storm Lidia struck Baja California Sur.

"A week later, 11 states suffered the most intense earthquake recorded in our country, which devastated many communities in Chiapas and Oaxaca.

"On September 19, another major earthquake hit the center of the country, with serious consequences in Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Morelos and Puebla.

"In the course of three weeks, more than 400 people unfortunately lost their lives and approximately 190,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged by these disasters.

"Despite these painful events, Mexico is united and still standing. Mexicans showed generosity towards their fellow countrymen in response to these emergencies.

"Government and society are supporting those affected, thanks to the solidity of our institutions and the solidarity of our people.

"On my trips to the states that suffered damage, I have witnessed the commitment of tens of thousands of volunteers, especially young people, who unconditionally assist those who require it, such as brigade members, giving support at collection centers, or sharing information on social networks.

"I have also seen Mexicans who work for the government in the states and municipalities, giving their best in the first line of attention to the affected population.

"More than 90,000 federal public servants have mobilized in the 300 municipalities or political delegations of the affected states, supporting those who need it most.

"Shoulder to shoulder, 24 hours a day, soldiers, marines, police, doctors, nurses and civil servants have worked alongside civil society volunteers and brigade members to overcome adversity.

"To all of them, volunteers and public servants, I wish to express my gratitude, admiration and respect.

"I also value the generous effort of the private sector to support Mexicans in a disaster situation.

"I am also grateful for the solidarity and affection of friendly nations and international organizations. Mexicans will remember your support.

"We will continue the search and rescue operations. And where this is already possible, we will begin the reconstruction phase.

"In the states, we will directly support families with resources and materials to repair partial damage or build new homes. Support will also be given to reactivate economic activities in the affected localities.

"In the capital of the country, we will expedite and facilitate the payment of damage insurance.

"In addition, together with the government of Mexico City and the financial sector, we will support the affected population with special loans, with favorable conditions, to replace or repair damaged housing.

"Infonavit and Fovissste will also offer affordable credits to their beneficiaries affected by the earthquake.

"I know that many feel fear and anguish. We will therefore pay special attention to the task of protecting the population.

"This is what we are doing in the schools and workplaces in the affected areas. My top priority is to protect your lives and those of your families.

"Today the unity of all Mexicans is present and must continue to share words of encouragement and embrace those who need support and companionship.

"We will continue to demonstrate that we are a people that does not surrender in the face of adversity and [a nation] ready to move forward.

"Thank you."


Presidency of the Republic, Sep. 26, 2017; translation Presidency of the Republic

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