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Media 092517 El Semanario

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Pride of Mexico: Rescuers and their Herculean Work

El Semanario (Mexico City)

On Tuesday afternoon, September 19, Mexico relived a nightmare that 32 years ago split the history of the country in two. A strong earthquake occurred again, at a different time, a different magnitude, but with the same level of destruction and pain for an entire nation.

The scenes experienced on September 19, 1985, were like those seen now in the media and on social networks. Collapsed buildings, people trapped in rubble, thousands of people desperate to know of their relatives, and cities or towns covered by a great cloud of dust and deep sadness.

Nor has the work of rescuers gathered in the disaster areas changed. Since within 40 hours of Tuesday's quake, hundreds of people from civil society and organizations have united in arduous and unceasing work to save the lives of people trapped in the rubble, rescue the bodies of those who unfortunately died, and to assist victims who lost family members or their homes.

The work of rescuers

Completely unselfish people, wanting only to rescue a living person, give every bit of their strength to remove debris, bring provisions to shelters, and give a little hope with their struggle in the midst of the disaster.

That's the spirit of the rescuers, solidarity heroes who give their lives for their people and put the name of an entire country on high.

Day and night they come to destroyed buildings, hundreds of people with hardhats and gloves, with tools in hand, to remove the rubble. Millions of tons of concrete that were reduced to nothing, leaving children, adults and seniors who were surprised by a devastating earthquake of 7.1 degrees trapped.

That's Mexico

The shows of solidarity have been felt everywhere. Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos, the states most affected by the last earthquake, but too in Oaxaca and Chiapas, that were impacted by an earthquake of 8.1 degrees on September 7.

Mexico has the spirit of helping, which these images show.

Thanks to all


"Ardua labor de rescatistas enorgullece a México," El Semanario, Mexico City, September 21, 2017; MexiData translation

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