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Monday, September 18, 2017 

Working Visit to Mexico by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Presidency of the Republic

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto received the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, currently on a working visit to Mexico with the aim of promoting political dialogue, trade and cooperative relations between the two countries.

The Jewish community in Mexico, made up of nearly 70,000 people, is actively involved in the national economy and creates significant sources of employment for Mexicans. 

Bilateral cooperation

Mexico offers the Israeli business sector a growing domestic market, highly skilled labor, high-level infrastructure, attractive investment conditions and an excellent business climate. 

Israel has made significant progress in the development of new technologies, with major achievements in innovation, clean energy and water management, as well as business incubators or startups.

The leaders agreed to: 

1.    Update the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

2.    Encourage contacts between business communities.

3.    Participate in joint cooperation projects in Central America

4.    Work collaboratively on cybersecurity to combat electronic crimes.


Presidency of the Republic, Sep. 14, 2017; translation Presidency of the Republic

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