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Informe 090417 Points

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fifth State of the Mexican Government Report 2016-2017

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto gave his fifth annual State of the Mexican Government (Informe) address on September 2, at the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City before some 2,000 officials and invited guests, a speech that lasted just over an hour (links below).  The requisite State of the Government Report 2016-2017 documents were delivered to Congress the day before, September 1, as required by law.

Outlines of five major headings and related material from the President's speech were translated into English and published on the Presidency of the Republic Blog.  The following are links to those points.

1.    Fifth State of the Union Address: Prosperous Mexico

2.    Fifth State of the Union Address: Mexico with Quality Education Mexico

3.    Fifth State of the Union Address: Mexico at Peace

4.    Fifth State of the Union Address: Mexico with Global Responsibility

5.    Fifth State of the Union Address: Inclusive Mexico

Furthermore, there are several audio and visual links to themes and material of interest related to the key subjects, in Spanish, at

For text of the complete speech (in Spanish) go to Palabras del Presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, licenciado Enrique Peña Nieto, durante su Quinto Informe de Gobierno.  For audio-video,


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