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Monday, July 10, 2017

Mexico at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg, Germany

Presidency of the Republic

Topics covered in this summit and at bilateral meetings held by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN).

“Taking stock of the G20 Leaders’ meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

“Mexico is one of the few countries having the opportunity to belong to this group, this a result of its growth, status and development. Mexico attends these meetings with a sense of responsibility. It is part of the world’s 20 largest economies, which generate 80 percent of the world's wealth and conduct 75 percent of world trade.” EPN

‣ Four panels were organized. The first was to discuss terrorism. During the panel discussion, Mexico condemned the attacks in all their forms and expressions.

“We made a clear distinction between terrorism and organized crime, and their presence not only in several of the countries that are here, but also their transnational presence. Hence the need to make shared, joint efforts to combat organized crime, particularly by preventing the various means they have of obtaining financing.” EPN

‣ Global growth and trade. Mexico confirmed its commitment to being an open country, and to continuing to be a nation open to free trade, and supporting the solid, transparent and rule-based multilateral trading system established by the World Trade Organization.

‣ Sustainable development, climate and energy. Mexico endorsed its support of the implementation of the Paris Agreement as the only way to counter climate change.

“We reiterate the commitments we have made as a nation, precisely in favor of protecting and caring for the environment.” EPN

‣ Panel on Africa, health and migration. Mexico hailed Germany’s efforts to promote initiatives for the development of Africa, as well as those of other nations, particularly the European Union.

‣ Panel on digitalization, women’s empowerment and employment. Emphasis was placed on the need to understand and adopt the era we are living in, which is precisely the digital era, to increase the competitiveness of our economies and, above all, to achieve a more inclusive economy.

• “We believe that the digital age and the use of digital technologies open spaces of opportunity to achieve greater social inclusion, facilitate entrepreneurship, and enable new generations to be incorporated into the productive era, precisely through the use of information technologies.” EPN

Bilateral meetings

Spain and Italy

“We reiterated the close relationship that exists with the two nations, and the fact that we are strategic allies and, above all, we thanked Spain for its support in enabling Mexico to update its global agreement with the European Union. I also addressed the issue of requesting support for updating the global Mexico-European Union agreement in my meeting with the Prime Minister of Italy.” EPN


“I met with the Prime Minister of Canada, whom I thanked for the openness and political goodwill he has shown towards our country, which has allowed us to strengthen our bilateral relations. We also agreed to maintain a fluid dialogue in the renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement, in which Mexico, Canada and the United States are partners.” EPN


Prime Minister Modi invited the Mexican President to visit his country.

“We agreed that during the visit I may make sometime next year, we will try to take a business delegation, which will enable us to penetrate the Indian consumer market more importantly and meaningfully while creating jobs in our country.” EPN

United States

“It was a meeting during which we both publicly stated our positions and addressed the media; I think it sums up the spirit and spirit of the meeting I had with President Trump and the various other informal meetings I had during the G20 Meeting, and we are determined to achieve a good Free Trade Agreement. We are determined for this Free Trade Agreement to become one that benefits the three-member countries. We want it to be an agreement that provides more opportunities for the economic agents of our countries to create jobs, wealth and well-being in the three-member countries of the Free Trade Agreement.

“During the meeting I had with President Trump, I sensed a willingness to advance along this route, as he himself stated, to move towards a good free trade agreement and to build a very positive relationship in the bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States.

“We also agreed to review a program that will allow agricultural workers to work in the United States on a temporary basis.” EPN


Presidency of the Republic, Jul. 8, 2017; translation Presidency of the Republic

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