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Monday, February 27, 2017

High Level Meeting between Mexico and the United States of America

Secretariats of Foreign Affairs, Government, and Finance and Public Credit

Working groups of the Mexican and United States governments held a high-level meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to review issues of bilateral relations in order to follow up on matters agreed upon by Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump during their telephone conversation on January 27.

Mexico's delegation was led by Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray Caso, with the participation of Secretaries of Government (Interior) Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, and Finance and Public Credit José Antonio Meade Kuribreña. In turn, the US delegation was headed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, and US Ambassador Roberta Jacobson.

During the meeting, various issues on the bilateral agenda were discussed and the will of the governments to advance on issues of mutual interest, and to resolve differences, stood out, always with full respect for the sovereignty of both countries.

For Mexico, dialogue and negotiation with the United States must have a comprehensive focus, including migration, security and trade.

Secretary Videgaray thanked the US delegation for their interest in continuing to take steps to reach agreements benefiting both countries.

On immigration, the Chancellor said: "We have expressed our concern regarding respect for the rights of Mexicans in the United States, and the legal impossibility for a government to make decisions that affect the other in a unilateral manner," while at the same time stressing the need for these decisions to be the result of dialogue and agreement.

Thusly, the officials agreed that the governments of Mexico and the United States must assume a shared responsibility, with an approach that is not limited to immigration control, but that addresses the real causes of this phenomenon such as the development and stability of the region and Central America.

Also discussed during the meeting were cooperation mechanisms that have been put together on security matters, the fight [against] organized crime, and drug trafficking.

In this regard, Secretary of Government Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said: "We express the need to strengthen intelligence sharing, as well as actions to stop arms trafficking and the money flow coming from the United States, and thus bar the way to criminal organizations that damage the tranquility of our populations."

As part of the visit, the US officials [also] met with the Secretaries of Defense and the Navy, with the participation of Mexico's Foreign Minister and the United States' Ambassador.

Finally, the lead officials acknowledged the importance of bilateral relations for both countries, and they stressed the solid institutional framework that underpins the relationship regarding various topics, among which are trade, investment, competitiveness, migration, consular protection, security, law enforcement, border infrastructure and customs.

Both sides agreed that this first meeting was productive, and they agreed to maintain a permanent and fluid dialogue. The next working [group] meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., in coming weeks.


Joint SRE-SEGOB-SHCP Communique, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Feb. 23, 2017; translation

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