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Monday, February 6, 2017

A Message to Mexicans from President Enrique Peña Nieto

Office of the Mexican Presidency


In my New Year's message, I said that 2017 would bring great challenges, one of which would be to build a positive relationship with the incoming United States government.

That relationship must be based on national sovereignty, respect for our dignity and independence, as well as friendship and cooperation between two peoples who are neighbors, friends and business partners.

This is the position Mexico has adopted, which we must maintain.

Last Friday [January 27] I spoke by phone with the United States president for an hour to underline the importance Mexicans give these fundamentals, which are inalienable.

Although we did not reach agreements on any issue, this conversation opened spaces for the government of Mexico and the government of the United States to continue their dialogue.

The president of the United States and I decided that our representatives should continue doing their work and continue their rapprochement.

I will inform Mexicans of the progress and implications of each stage of these negotiations.

I realize that complex moments and hard times lie ahead.

My responsibility is to protect the assets of Mexican families, ensure the opportunities our children and youth deserve, seek the growth of the national economy and, of course, defend fellow countrymen who live or are in the United States.

Precisely to strengthen the protection of their freedom, their rights and their dignity, I have instructed over one billion additional pesos to be channeled to our network of consulates in the United States.

We have great challenges, but we are prepared to face them.

Mexico occupies a key position in the world and we have trade agreements with over 40 countries, which speaks of our economic openness and the potential for trade we can leverage with Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In fact, thanks to the productivity of Mexican workers and the competitiveness of companies established here, our country is one of the world's15 largest economies.

I appreciate and am grateful for the fact that, in recent days, many voices have been raised here, in the United States, and the world, to express their appreciation and solidarity with Mexico.

As president and as a Mexican, I'm excited by the support our country has received. It is recognition for all Mexicans.

It is a result of the fact that over many years, Mexico has distinguished itself as a country that defends peace, respects all nations and promotes coexistence and cooperation.

Moreover, let us remember that Mexicans are acknowledged throughout the world for the values we have in our families and as a society; for the pride we feel in our exceptional history and culture; in our vocation for work and dedication.

Above all, we must remember that Mexico has a great asset: national unity.

National unity has been Mexico’s great strength throughout its history.

National unity must be the cornerstone of our strategy and actions, both within the country and abroad.

National unity must encourage us to work with more energy, so that young people train better, heads of household are treated with respect, workers and business people do their jobs, and government employees serve citizens with honesty and effectiveness. In short, so that we all give our best for Mexico.

Today, as never before, I am proud to be Mexican and even prouder to be the president of a great people: the people of Mexico.

Enrique Peña Nieto


Presidency of the Republic, Jan. 30, 2017, Mexico, DF; translation by Presidency of the Republic Blog

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