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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Goals of Mexico's Negotiations with the United States

Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Talking to the Mexican diplomatic corps, President Enrique Peña Nieto set Mexico’s priority goals in its negotiations with the United States

This new stage of the bilateral relationship with the United States must include the following goals:

The protection of migrants

Respect for the rights of Mexican migrants and their humane treatment to achieve the orderly and coordinated repatriation of undocumented individuals must be ensured.

Free trade

  • Seek a free trade agreement that gives certainty, promotes productive integration, and strengthens the competitiveness of North America.
  • Defend and give certainty to trade and to national and foreign investments.
  • Ensure that Mexico remains a reliable destination for investments.
  • Clear rules that encourage the flow of capital.
  • Protect jobs, create new sources of jobs, and improve wages.
  • Continuation of the framework of free trade and productive integration.
  •  Include new sectors such as telecommunications and energy.

Capital flows

Maintain the free flow of remittances from our citizens in the United States.

Stop illegal flows

Curb the illegal trafficking of arms and of money of illegal origin.

An efficient border

Increase investment in infrastructure and technology to make our borders safer, more modern, and efficient. This will further facilitate bilateral trade and reduce waiting times at border crossings.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Blog, Jan. 20, 2017, Mexico, DF; translation SRE

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