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Monday, October 3, 2016

Progress Stressed during Mexico's 'National Transparency Week'

Office of the Mexican Presidency Blog

  • Mexico is in the process of implementing the institutional and legal changes we have made to our legislative framework in order to modernize it.”

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto [EPN] inaugurated National Transparency Week 2016.

This National Week was organized to analyze, “How, in the exercise of this right to transparency, we can combat [two of] the biggest burdens and greatest forms of backwardness in the country: inequality and poverty. It is an opportunity not to underestimate what we have managed to do, [but] to advance regarding the rule of law and the consolidation of democratic institutions that are now enabling our country to move in different spheres vis-à-vis other nations”: EPN

Mexico is part of a more informed and demanding society, which acts democratically and knows the meaning and value of its opinions and its positions, which it can externalize and express at various platforms. 

Progress in transparency

  • Over the past four years, the Mexican state has promoted and strengthened the legal and institutional framework that underpins transparency and open data. The international community has acknowledged this.
  • The Center for Law and Democracy, an international civil organization dedicated to assessing the fundamental rights of democracies, has given Mexico’s General Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information the highest score in its world ranking. Previously, Mexico ranked ninth.
  • So far this century, Mexico has advanced more than many other democracies in decades. 
  • Today the right of access to public information is an essential part of the democratic system because it gives citizens the necessary elements to evaluate their authorities’ actions and performance.
  • There are currently two pillars being developed, promoted and consolidated: The National Transparency System, and the National Anticorruption System.

These two systems, “Will allow us to establish a new paradigm, a new pattern of behavior and demands regarding those in the public domain, and I dare say, those in the private sphere. In response to society’s demand to adapt to the new reality, the Mexican state has been a promoter of change and transformation in the country,” EPN

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum reported that Mexico is advancing rapidly as regards to competitiveness, moving up from 57th to 51st place. Mexico moved up 6 positions, its best ranking since the creation of the index in 2007.

“Never before, since this measurement began to be made 10 years ago, had Mexico advanced so rapidly”: EPN


"Mexico's 'National Transparency Week 2016'," Presidency of the Republic Blog, Sep. 29, 2016, Mexico, DF; translation Presidency of the Republic

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