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Media 062716 US Ambassador

Monday, June 27, 2016

Remarks by New U.S. Ambassador to Mexico after Letters of Credence Ceremony

Ambassador Roberta S. Jacobson

“Good afternoon.  I want to express my appreciation to President Enrique Peña Nieto for having received the Letters of Credence issued by President Barack Obama regarding my designation as Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the United States of America in Mexico.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to represent my country, and to work with President Peña Nieto and his team on the many and varied themes of our bilateral agenda.

“As I noted several days ago during my swearing-in ceremony in Washington, D.C., I believe this is a great time for the relationship between the United States and Mexico, as well as a great time to lead the U.S. Mission in Mexico.  The opportunities for bilateral cooperation have never been better, and it is up to us to take advantage of the new paths of unprecedented cooperation that exist.  I am committed to leading my team with that objective in mind, because I am convinced that a solid relationship between the United States and Mexico is good for the United States, is good for Mexico, and is particularly good for the 438 million citizens of both countries.

“A solid relationship between the United States and Mexico is one in which we deal with regional and global challenges jointly, including in the areas of energy and climate issues, transnational criminal organizations, and competitiveness.  A relationship where our shared values – such as reducing poverty, increasing the middle class, strengthening the rule of law, government accountability, and democratic principles – outweigh any differences we might have.  A relationship where we listen respectfully to each other’s points of view and where we are able to find common ground to continue making progress.  A relationship where we acknowledge that only through sound alliances on education we can succeed in training the twenty-first century labor force.  A relationship where, besides creating favorable conditions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, we are able to meet any challenge.  A relationship where we are committed to ensuring the benefits of inclusion for all of our citizens in a globalized world.

“I cannot leave out the importance of the media in building sound relationships, and I look forward to working with you to ensure that we are doing everything we can to promote understanding and trust between our two countries.”


Press release, Jun 20, 2016, Embassy of the United States, Mexico City

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