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Monday, June 13, 2016

Margarita Zavala May Become Mexico's First Female President

By Elena Toledo (PanAm Post)

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox said the National Action Party (PAN) has already chosen its candidate for the 2018 Presidential election — Margarita Zavala — and it will be very hard for anyone to challenge her candidacy.

Fox said it was smart for Zavala not to use her married name, that of (her husband) former President Felipe Calderón — because the chances of her winning would have been reduced to zero.

In an interview with Radio Fórumula, Fox said Zavala and Calderón worked on elections in the past, and contributed to the success PAN had historically.

“She primarily campaigned nationwide, and did well,” Fox said. “They are a large reason for the party’s success, but a lot remains to be seen. There are still some ways to go. I think National Action already has its candidate.”

“I’m practically giving it to her on the fact that it is going to be very difficult for someone else to take it from her. She has the (prominence), the presentation and the recognition within PAN, as well as the devotion and passion for going after the presidency.”


In response to a question about whether his criticism of the government of Felipe Calderón extended to Zavala, Fox said, “Those things still apply to him, but only him.”

One of his biggest mistakes, Fox said, was using the army in the fight against organized crime, as killings continue and the problem has still not been resolved.

“She (Zavala) moves in the opposite direction. Certainly it would be better not to put Calderón or Margarita de Calderón on the task because that would reduce solutions to zero.”


According to Fox, the (June 5) election results represent a “partial defeat” for President Enrique Peña Nieto, because although he has managed to keep inflation from increasing and the economy has been under control, there are still lots of issues regarding human rights and general violence in the country.

Source: Excelsior


"Margarita Zavala Could Become Mexico’s First Female President," PanAm Post, Jun. 10, 2016; edited.  Elena Toledo is an educator by trade, a social-media apprentice, an activist for a democratic Honduras, and a free thinker. Follow her on Twitter @NenaToledo.

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