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Media 051616 Mexican Embassy

Monday, May 16, 2016

New Ambassador takes charge of Mexican Embassy in USA

Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Tasked by the president with defending the interests of Mexico and Mexicans in the United States of America, Carlos Sada Solana assumed his role as head of this embassy.

In his first act as Mexico’s representative in the U.S. capital, Ambassador Sada Solana met with Mexican diplomatic and consular officials, embassy attaches from the respective departments of the Mexican government, and others working with the embassy.

“The mandate I have is very clear and precise: defend the interest of Mexico and Mexicans,” said Sada Solana.

Ambassador Sada Solana urged all personnel to work every day for the empowerment of their countrymen residing in this country through the work undertaken by the embassy and the consular network.

The diplomat announced that one of his priorities would be to promote the bilateral economic agenda in order to provide more opportunities for trade and investment to benefit Mexicans.

Additionally, he recognized the need to reposition the image of Mexico in the United States in its just and rightful place, a job which, he said, would fall upon all of the members of the diplomatic representation now under his charge, together with organizations and individuals from civil society and the private sector of both countries.

Ambassador Sada Solana arrives at the embassy in Washington, DC, with wide consular experience as well as experience in defending the interests of Mexico abroad.

Before being unanimously ratified by the Mexican Senate as Ambassador to the United States, Sada Solana had served as Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, and Toronto, Canada. Between 2007 and 2011, he was Minister for Congressional Affairs at this Embassy.


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