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Feature 041816 Toledo

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mexico's Catholic Church not opposed to Medical Marijuana

By Elena Toledo (PanAm Post)

Bishops nevertheless warn against "evil" addiction of recreational use

The Mexican Episcopal Conference (CEM) declared it is in favor of the medical use of marijuana, while noting the harmful effects addiction can have to society over longer periods of time.

CEM President Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega said in a press conference that “the Church is not closed to the medical use of this narcotic. But we must also take into account the evils to society that this addiction may provoke. This is a point that science must analyze. All these elements must be weighed.”

Furthermore, Cuernavaca Bishop Ramon Castro said Vatican authorities have already declared it is in favor of the medical use of marijuana, so the Mexican episcopate is just following the guideline.

“The Holy See already has a position in favor of the medicinal use of this drug,” he said. “It is certainly in agreement on this point, because it will help the sick.”

However, Bishop Castro warned that recreational use can harm young people, family and society.

CEM Secretary General, Alfonso Miranda was in agreement, saying that drug use can degrade society. “The Church has always been against human degradation” he explained.

The bishops said CEM is ready to participate in forums and debates currently being carried out regarding the legalization of the drug.

Source: Proceso.


"Mexico’s Catholic Church Greenlights Medical Marijuana," PanAm Post, Apr. 11, 2016.  Elena Toledo is an educator by trade, a social-media apprentice, an activist for a democratic Honduras, and a free thinker. Follow her on Twitter @NenaToledo.

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