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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mexican President lists Ten Measures to Confront Challenges

Office of the Mexican Presidency

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, at the Nation Palace on September 2, delivered his message with regard to the Third State of the Government Report (Informe).

While renewing his commitment to the process of change, the President predicted: "That which now comes is to positively transform the daily life of millions of Mexicans."

To achieve this, he committed himself to support the national will "of being better each day; we will not be satisfied with that achieved, but aspire to go further."

Thus, he announced ten new measures to deal with Mexico's major national challenges:

First: We will work with Congress in order to solidify new laws to fight crime, corruption and impunity, as well as to protect human rights.

Second: Heeding a recommendation from the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, a national dialogue between representatives of civil society, authorities of the three levels of government, and publicly empowered authorities, will be promoted in order to come to a National Accord for Daily Justice.

"This Pact for Justice in Mexico will be the best way to honor the centennial of our Constitution, in 2017," said President Peña Nieto.

Third: An initiative, the Federal Law for Special Economic Zones, will be sent to Congress to promote development in the most backward regions of the country. These areas will have access to a regulatory framework and special incentives in order to increase productivity, create more jobs, and generate new productive opportunities.

Fourth: In the Expenditures Budget Plan of 2016, the creation of a new Support Program to Small Producers will be proposed. The objective is to strengthen the productive capacities of farmers, ranchers and fishermen in the poorest rural areas of Mexico.

Fifth: In order to improve public school facilities nationwide, Educational Infrastructure Bonds will be issued in the Mexican Stock Exchange. This new financial instrument will be able to channel additional resources to educational institutions on the order of 50 billion pesos, from now to 2018. Added to budgeted resources, this will represent the largest investment that Mexico has made in order to dignify public schools.

Sixth: The Expenditures Budget Plan of 2016 will include a proposal to create a National English Program, for students in basic education.

Seventh: A bill will be introduced for the creation of a new State institution: the Ministry of Culture. "With this decision, the Government confirms that culture is a national priority to promote the well-being and integral development of Mexicans," the President said.

Eighth: In order to maintain economic stability that protects the well-being of the population, the Expenditures Budget Plan of 2016 will be responsible and realistic. Programs to combat poverty, (improve) public security, and promote economic growth, as well as those for investments in higher education, science and technology, will have priority. As well, investment spending will give priority to projects that are already underway, and to those that assure a greater social and economic impact.

Ninth: With the renewed international confidence in Mexico, and in order to accelerate national development, two new financial instruments will be created: FIBRA E and Investment Projects Certificates, in order to launch infrastructure projects in various sectors, including energy.

Tenth: Considering the current economic environment, the Expenditures Budget Plan of 2016 will have strict austerity measures. Within this framework, government agencies and entities will decrease their administrative and operational spending, and they will increase investment for the well-being and progress of Mexicans.

Summing up, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that "these ten measures have clear objectives: to strengthen the rule of law, to boost economic growth, and to fight inequality."

"These will precisely be the priorities that we will have for the second half of this administration," he concluded.


Presidency of the Republic, Sep. 2, 2015, Mexico, DF; edited translation by

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