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Media 082415 Beltrones

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mexican Party Leader condemns Anti-migrant Fervor in the USA


The newly elected president of Mexico's governing party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Manlio Fabio Beltrones, called for populist demagogues that are emerging with different masks, who generate violence, rancor and are risks to democracy, to be confronted with ideas and proposals.

After the Boston, Massachusetts assault suffered by an undocumented man from Mexico, at the hands of brothers Scott and Steve Leader, who are said to support Republican Donald Trump, Beltrones backed the strong condemnation expressed by the Mexican government for this attack motivated by racial prejudices.

During a meeting with federal representatives, he called attention to events that, while isolated, bring to light the consequences of hate speeches that appeal to resentment and prejudices, such as those of that Republican pre-candidate to the presidency of the United States.

"Those kinds of populist demagogues are unfortunately surfacing in varied factions and with different masks, having in common that they create animosity and violence, and they are a threat to democracy," he said.

Therefore, in a statement, the PRI president stressed that it is essential that "we meet citizens with ideas and proposals that unmask the populists of one or another political sway."

The changes taking place in the world in the wake of financial turmoil and social inequality are causing a resurgence of the migration phenomenon, which requires a search for global and regional solutions.

In this regard, the leader of the PRI's National Executive Committee reiterated that the PRI makes the cause of Mexican migrants, who are a permanent core of Mexican society that contributes remittances and cultural wealth, its own.

"We will maintain a firm stand in defense of our migrant brothers in the United States and against hate speech, demanding respect for their human rights and an informed debate regarding the contributions, not only on economic matters but too in the areas of culture and the generation of values that our migrants make in that country, Beltrones concluded.


"Beltrones referenda apoyo a migrantes y alerta contra discursos de odio," Notimex/Excélsior, Aug. 23, 2015, Mexico City; edited translation:

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