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Feature 081715 Guatemala

Monday, August 17, 2015

Guatemala and 'Georgetown University's False Heroine'

By Steve Hecht and David Landau

► A six of six part series; plus debate, and a background column

Part 1: Unmasking Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala's Human-Rights Diva

Part 2: How the United Nations Did the Bidding of Guatemalan Guerrilla

Part 3: Fired for Daring to Prosecute Extortion in Rural Guatemala

Part 4: Fabricating Genocide to Bring Down Ríos Montt

Part 5: The US Ambassador Who Covered for a Corrupt Guatemalan Judge

Part 6: The Truth about Claudia Paz y Paz’s Reign over Guatemala

Debate: Did Ríos Montt Commit Genocide in Guatemala? Assessing the Weight of Evidence after 30 Years - Ixil Destruction a Deliberate Policy, by Mike Allison vs. Fighting Insurgents Is Not Genocide, by Carlos Sabino

Déjà vu Politics and Unrest in Guatemala, by Barnard R. Thompson (July 28, 2003)


PanAm Post, Jul. 20 to Aug. 12, 2015.  The authors of the six-part series, Steve Hecht and David Landau, have worked together in Guatemalan political matters for 20 years.  Steve Hecht, a businessman with two degrees from Columbia University, has lived in Guatemala for more than four decades.  David Landau, based in San Francisco, cut his journalistic teeth as managing editor of the Harvard Crimson.  He is an expert on Cuba and publisher of Pureplay Press.  Added material from archive.

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