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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mexico Welcomes the Nomination of Jacobson as US Ambassador

Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Mexican government welcomes the nomination of Roberta S. Jacobson as the new ambassador of the United States in our country. Jacobson is notable for her outstanding diplomatic career in the Foreign Service and civil service in her country.

Mexico expressed gratitude and appreciation to outgoing Ambassador Anthony Wayne, whose management has deepened and widened the bilateral agenda.

In recent years important mechanisms have been built that now give a new perspective and vision of the relationship between our countries. These include the Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Research and Innovation (FOBESII), and the Mexican initiative Proyecta 100,000.

Under the leadership of Ambassador Wayne other instances of dialogue, including work on the Border XXI Century Initiative, have been strengthened. Both countries have worked to give a new vitality to the legitimate flow of goods and people at our common border, as well as to make the region an area of ​​opportunity and shared prosperity.

The appointment of Roberta S. Jacobson will maintain progress in meeting the priorities that presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Barack Obama have established to consolidate and deepen our strategic partnership and the multiple ties between the societies of the two countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will remain attentive and respectful of due process of legislative ratification.


Press release Jun. 1, 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Mexico, DF; translation by SRE

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